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Kandon Publishing™ is passionate about bringing heart-centered creative works to the public. The primary goal of Kandon Publishing is to partner with authors in a way that does not compromise the author’s creative integrity and vision. Through our collaborative approach to partnered publishing, we are intentional about including authors in the publishing process. Founded by an award-winning author and entrepreneur, Kandon Publishing is passionate about helping authors stay true to their vision while operating at the highest level of integrity and honesty with our valued author partners.

Authors who have written memoirs, fictional novels, personal development books, and character enriching juvenile and children’s stories are part of Kandon Publishing’s family of award winning books.

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Kandon Publishing Brings Heart-Centered
Creative Works to the Public

The primary goal of Kandon Publishing is to partner with authors in a way that does not compromise the author’s creative integrity and vision.


Working with Kandon Publishing

We appreciate your interest in partnering with Kandon Publishing.

We are open to books that are:

  • Well written
  • Share an important or valuable message
  • Tell stories in unique or creative new ways
  • Provide an inspiring and uplifting message for our readers

If your book is one that readers won’t be able to put down, teaches valuable life lessons, helps people to better themselves or just plain tells a great story, please share it with us.

Follow our guidelines for submission and we could be working together in the future.

Submission Guidelines

Please completely and carefully review our submission guidelines before sending us your manuscript.

Kandon Publishing
c/o Submissions
6977 Navajo Road, #105
San Diego, Ca 92119

  • Please note that you may take advantage of Media Mail rates to send your literary manuscripts. Please ask your local post office for more information.
  • Please send the entire manuscript with a cover letter that includes:
    • Your name, address, email, and phone number
    • Your cover letter should include a brief overview of the manuscript. Please include any information you feel will help us to make a decision about your project including why Kandon should publish your work and if this is a simultaneous submission. Please include your target audience and length of manuscript in words.
    • Your cover letter should not exceed one full page.
  • Please do not send original copies of your manuscript. We do not return submissions and all copies not found suitable for publication will be recycled.
  • If you are submitting artwork with your manuscript, please do not submit original artwork, as it will not be returned.
  • Please only print on one side of the page, number pages consecutively, and put the title of your manuscript at the top of each page.
  • Manuscripts must be letter-quality computer generated. Clear photocopies are acceptable.
  • The manuscript should be on 8 1/2″ x 11″ good white paper, double-spaced, with at least 1″ wide margins all around.
  • Do not submit handwritten material.
  • Submit unbound copies only.
  • A literary agent is not required for submission.
  • Please allow 4-8 weeks for a response from our editors. We do our best to respond to every submission in a timely manner. If you have not heard from us within 8 weeks, your manuscript has not been approved.

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